Friday, February 8, 2008

New Batch from a Gifted SCOBY

I drank a bottle of my recently packaged Kombucha. I had a cranberry and ginger infused bottle and it is sweeter than I would prefer, but I think that will dissipate as the Kombucha ferments a second time inside the individual bottles. One thing I did enjoy was a bit of fizz! Yea!

I went on craigslist to look for glass containers and found a woman who was offering up some of her extra SCOBYs. I e-mailed her and we met up last night and she let me try different bottles she was brewing with a variety of teas; some black tea with vanilla, green tea with fruits, a wide collection I have to say.

She peeled me off a fresh SCOBY and gave me a cup of her team and tonight I am brewing up some tea to sit overnight to cool. Tomorrow we should be off for a brand new batch.

Update on my virgin mother SCOBY that grew from my Austria friend, the tea appears to be happy forming thin layer across the top and some squiddels underneath. More to come later.

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