Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm ready to brew again

All the hype and empty store shelves have got me in the mood to brew again.  In fact, I found someone on craigslist that has some scobys and I'm gonna buy one. I prefer the trade method, but why not buy one when I like the stuff and they multiply. Seems like a good enough investment.

I am brewing the tea tonight so it is ready tomorrow; hope he can meet me. I may ask if he'll do two scobys for the price of one with some eggs.  My third hen Lulu is finally laying eggs after a month of living here. Care about that, you can click through to my Hen Fresh Eggs blog.

Lord, now for the biggest issue. Space and bottles. I pretty much recycled all my old bottles as I got sick to death of storing them.  I think I may buy mason jars with regular lids, similar to how Buddha's Brew started bottling, before they went all GT's on there packaging.

It is funny. I thought my tea was good, but I thought something must be wrong with it because it didnt' taste much like GT's. Then I bought Buddha's Brew and was blown away by how much it tasted like mine.  So, confidence restored, because my ginger brew rocked.

The summer heat should push processing, so anxious to get started.  We'll see if the dude comes through tomorrow.

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