Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two in Brew: Kombucha Tea Express

I know have a black tea batch brewing along side my green tea. I swear the green tea already looks like it has carbonation, but I could be mistaken. I think the Austin heat is definitely kicking things in gear.

Saved a SCOBY for a friend who wants to try brewing. Gotta say I love doing it, but when the kombucha was readily available in the stores, it sure seemed easier. I looked at store bought kombucha as a special treat once I stopped brewing. There was nothing I could do to justify $3-$4 a bottle regularly, especially knowing how easy it is to do yourself. I think knowing that you grow a new culture every time you brew also made the dough tough to shell out per bottle.

Buddha's Brew is the closest brew to my own. GT's is much lighter tasting and more fizzy generally. Until I had Buddha's Brew, I thought maybe I was missing something in my own. Nothing like commercial validation to bolster my feeling of success. :)


One of the Ateam said...

Dear Kombucha Girl. You are amazing. I needed info quick and you were it! Oh my gosh. A few months ago I did some online searching and never came up with an easy fast reference for Kombucha... others rambled too much or were too scientific. You were just right and thought you would like to know! Thanks a million.

McCollums said...

Do you still brew kombucha tea and can you tell me where in Vienna I can get a SCOBY? We just moved here a couple of months ago and I left my culture behind. I am missing it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've grown my mother is the liquid in this batch usable?